If you love the sun, you have to love Spain.

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Merkuro Travel is not a classic travel agency. We own most of the villas and apartments we offer. Perhaps that's why we can concentrate all our services on the one moment you have honored us with your holiday time. There is nothing we would not try to provide for you, our guests. So please take the time to present and try to find out if we are really different, as we say.

Hoverboards Merkuro Travel - we love sun


Imagine some things differently. Things you have always done the same can be a little different for once. Imagine having a little fun out of the way to the beach. Include a hoverboard for the necessary beach accessories, which you can also find in the villa equipment. And believe that you will have fun for fun. Even the very beginners will gain certainty over time and perform interesting finesse. So you can make a different trip to the beach, but also ride on the beach, on the promenade with a beer stop. In short, the journey can be a goal.

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What you won't find elsewhere

The philosophy of our company is to be different. Create our own way and not compare ourselves too much with our competitors. Behind our project is a lot of conversations with people who travel more or less, looking for something they have not yet experienced or expect price-appropriate comfort. Listening is very important. We stand by the fact that many things we can do for you are not worth a lot. But the feedback is so valuable that it is worth it. That is why we have prepared for you services that we think you will not find elsewhere. Or at least very limited and certainly in our combination exceptionally.

Refreshments upon arrival

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One of the things you don't love too much for is the journey from home to destination and back. Traveling from all over the world and fatigue on arrival to destination can be significant.

Rent a car

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In Spain, you will most likely need a car to transport you for each activity. And there are really many activities in this area. Golf, bikes, beaches, hiking, history, sports.

Mountain bikes

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The area of ​​Alicante and even a large part of Spain is a cycling paradise. There are many routes for road bikes, trekking and mountain biking. And especially. 300 sunny days a year makes this area a real paradise.


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Imagine some things differently. Things you have always done the same can be a little different for once. Imagine having a little fun out of the way to the beach.

Tasty coffee

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Some may argue that this is insignificant detail, but we who love coffee know ours. We do not want you to be "polish off" by capsule instant coffee while you are staying, even if it is enough for many.


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The world is said to be divided into people who love coffee and people who love tea. It is hard to say where this opinion came from, but in our villas you will find everything to fully enjoy both.


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If you say the word Andalusia, you will think of two words. Sun and wine. And believe that wine loves the sun. You can indulge in superb Andalusian wine wherever you go.

Picnic dishes

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As we have said many times, the way you spend your holiday is entirely up to you. We would just like to give you the maximum of resources. We highly recommend excursions to the stunning landscape of the Costa Blanca.

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