If you love the sun, you have to love Spain.

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Merkuro Travel is not a classic travel agency. We own most of the villas and apartments we offer. Perhaps that's why we can concentrate all our services on the one moment you have honored us with your holiday time. There is nothing we would not try to provide for you, our guests. So please take the time to present and try to find out if we are really different, as we say.

About Merkuro Travel company - we love sun

About Merkuro Travel company

Merkuro travel s.r.o. is a travel agency based in the Czech Republic. Like many thousands of other travel agencies around the world, they are trying to offer you their tourism services. And to convince you that this time we could offer you something that would be worth your money and especially for your time. We do not offer hundreds of hotels in dozens of destinations. We offer you the opportunity to spend your vacation in villas and apartments that we either own or rent for a long time. And these are in Spain on the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca. And why is it there? Simply because we love it here. Wonderful landscapes, friendly people, high-level services, Europe in its undying beauty and sun. The 300 sunny days of the year are just worth it. Give us a chance to show you that you will be happy to return here in the future.

The philosophy of our company is to be different. Create our own way and not compare ourselves too much with our competitors. Behind our project is a lot of conversations with people who travel more or less, looking for something they have not yet experienced or expect price-appropriate comfort. Listening is very important. We stand by the fact that many things we can do for you are not worth a lot. But the feedback is so valuable that it is worth it. That is why we have prepared for you services that we think you will not find elsewhere. Or at least very limited and certainly in our combination exceptionally.

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