If you love the sun, you have to love Spain.

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Merkuro Travel is not a classic travel agency. We own most of the villas and apartments we offer. Perhaps that's why we can concentrate all our services on the one moment you have honored us with your holiday time. There is nothing we would not try to provide for you, our guests. So please take the time to present and try to find out if we are really different, as we say.

A holiday in Spain, not only a passionate cyclist

A holiday in Spain, not only a passionate cyclist

Spain is Europe. Among other things, it offers something more than just relaxing in closed resorts of exotic destinations. Nothing against them. We believe that this is a pleasant fulfillment of your well-deserved rest. However, the Costa Blanca is different. You will not find luxury hotels next to each other with private beaches. Rather, it is a way of individualization, you have a wealth of apartments and villas of different architectural styles, services and last but not least prices. And you have the Costa Blanca. Beautiful nature from sea beaches to mountain massifs. Full of olive trees, palm trees, orange trees, vineyards everywhere.

One of the ways to spend time in this breathtaking area is to set out on one of 2700 bicycle routes around Alicante. On your bike, which you bring from home. Or on our bikes availabl free of charge in your accommodation. You can head to the promenade and enjoy the peace of the Spanish siesta. You can discover remote villages in the mountains in the collective. Or load up really adrenaline mountain bike rides around Santa Pola. You know what? Feel free to go to the bakery for fresh bread every morning. It's up to you. You can do different every day.

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Experience Spain differently

Let us show you our own idea of how you could think about your free time by looking at golfers, cyclists or demanding tourists. Only a theme that might put you in the direction of it. Andalusia is life. And certainly during your rest, there will be times when you want to exchange a quiet wine-sitting session with a book for an adrenaline mountain bike ride from the mountain range above Santa Pola.

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