If you love the sun, you have to love Spain.

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Merkuro Travel is not a classic travel agency. We own most of the villas and apartments we offer. Perhaps that's why we can concentrate all our services on the one moment you have honored us with your holiday time. There is nothing we would not try to provide for you, our guests. So please take the time to present and try to find out if we are really different, as we say.

Supersport rental Merkuro Travel - we love sun

Supersport rental

People from holiday justifiably expect unusualness. Time spent out of day-to-day duties, beyond the killing routine, we sometimes need to replace the leisure-time experiences that we want to do, not what we have to do. For some, it is exceptional to relax in the garden, someone needs acclimatization by the sea. Someone needs to wallow on the beach with a book that she has been looking forward to for a year, someone needs an active vacation with something not yet known.

One of our services for you is renting luxury cars. We must admit that the possession of these beauties is not a normal middle class affair. However, you can only borrow it for the day and enjoy the experience you may have just desired. And when else than on vacation, where everyday worries are distant and you can finally devote yourself. Maybe just one day. Yes, the price for a one-day rental is not a cheap business. However, we only live once and therefore we leave the decision on the value of money to you. We believe that if you enjoy this experience, you will not regret it. There are such delicacies as Lamborghini Spyder, Ferrari Berlineta, Porsche 911 and others.

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What we can do for you

Our options do not end with the above services. We can do much more for you. Did you know that the Costa Blanca is a mecca of yachting? We can rent you and your whole family. Do you like strong cars and want to enjoy Spain from the perspective of luxury supersport? We can do it.

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